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Description: When Tina Fire decided to find a roommate,PornHD she was looking for someone mature.PornHD Enter:PornHD Jordi ENP,PornHD a lazy slob and frat bro who is hardly a model tenant.PornHD Tina,PornHD who likes to keep some semblance of order,PornHD feels the need to pick up after Jordi,PornHD which often means doing his laundry.PornHD When Tina finds Jordi chilling in his bedroom with a tube sock over his cock,PornHD she's both shocked by the display and impressed with the size of his dick;PornHD however,PornHD when Tina pulls off the sock to inspect it,PornHD all the cum it contains spills onto her face.PornHD This sends her to the laundry room with Jordi right behind her,PornHD and he takes the opportunity to tease her pussy while she's kneeling in front of the machine.PornHD From there,PornHD Tina encourages intense fucking as she continues to do chores,PornHD which satisfies her sexual urges and hopefully reinforces some more considerate behavior from Jordi.
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