BRAZZERS Lesbian PAWG Affair escalates to Bisex FFM

Duration: 7:56 Views: 1.1M Submitted: 2 months ago
Description: Jenna Starr is having a steamy affair with her roommate, Kayley Gunner. And Kayley isn't afraid to get caught. But when boyfriend Kyle Mason almost catches them making out in the kitchen, Jenna wants her to hide. She plays nice for a minute, but Kyle won't beat it, so Kayley takes down Jenna's shorts and eats her pussy while Jenna tries to play it cool. Kyle wants his big spoon to come to bed. So, Jenna agrees. Kayley feels left out and comes up with a plan to change outfits and slide up next to Kyle and snuggle him. Kyle doesn't mind and when he realizes he's in a slut sandwich, he's more than happy. It's like his dreams have come true.
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